Review: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite “Perfect At The Beach” TV Commercial

Verdict? Political undertones with two strong messages.

Online retail giant Amazon has targeted tablets with its new television commercial focussing on one of the most common problems the iPad faces – sunlight.

The advertisement portrays a man reading his unmarked iPad with great difficulty due to the sun’s glare, whereas the woman next to him appears very relaxed as she reads her new Kindle. It is slick and to the point, showing that the Kindle’s backlight feature allows consumers to use it in any circumstances.

At face value, the commercial alludes that the tablet user is coming on to the female Kindle user, and when she informs him that her husband is bringing over drinks, he smiles and says that the exact same thing is happening to him. This may appear to be a gimmick to make the advert more memorable, but it goes deeper than that.

Amazon was one of the largest names of companies that voiced their support for November 2012’s Referendum 74 – the equal marriage bill in the United States. Before that, the owners of the company had also pledged $2.5million to the equal marriage rights campaign in Washington State. Amazon has long voiced its support for gay marriage, and when the iPad user states that his husband is also bringing drinks over, it is actually a nod to the recent victory.

Aside from the politics, it is a blameless advert that needs little interpretation into the subtext to understand why Amazon believes Kindles are the superior product for reading.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite “Perfect At The Beach” TV Commercial

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite “Perfect At The Beach” TV Commercial

Advert Rating? 8/10

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