Microsoft’s “Have You Been Scroogled?” Anti-Google Marketing Campaign


Microsoft has continued its anti-Google campaign by asking consumers if they have been “scroogled”. It can almost be perceived that Microsoft is performing so badly compared to Google that instead of trying to promote their products and attract consumers – they have gone crying to the internet. Instead of trying to pull consumers with self-advertising, they are pushing customers away from Google with this damning attack.

I did a bit of research and also found that some of Microsoft’s argument is unfounded. For example, in their anti-Gmail advert, they state that “there is no way to opt out” of Google scanning your email for keywords. This is untrue, as you can go to “Ads Preferences” and choose to opt out.

Whether it’s Bing, Internet Explorer or Outlook (previously Hotmail) – Microsoft comes second to Google’s products in terms of popularity and usage (Google, Chrome and Gmail).

As Microsoft has recently rebranded its fledgling Hotmail service to – they renew their “Have you been scroogled?” slur campaign. At the end of the day, Google makes no secret that it relies on adverts to make money. In fact, if anything they are doing everybody a favour by trying to make the adverts relevant rather than random spam.

The coined verb “to scroogle” is admittedly quite catchy and I’m sure Google aren’t exactly thrilled with all this anti-Gmail propaganda being thrown around by Microsoft – least of all the random quote of Eric Schmidt (Google Executive Chairman) who is cited on the anti-Gmail ad saying “There’s what I call ‘The Creepy Law’ – and the Google policy about a lot of these things is to get right up to the ‘creepy’ line, but not cross it”.

Campaigns like these are a low-blow and it’s a sign of desperation and jealousy from Microsoft.

Microsoft's"Have You Been Scroogled?" Anti-Google Marketing Campaign

Microsoft’s”Have You Been Scroogled?” Anti-Google Marketing Campaign

Find out more from Microsoft at Scroogled.Com

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