Review: Monarch “Let’s Make Flying Fun Again” Advert

Verdict? Fly Monarch. But why?

Monarch’s 3rd TV advert in 45 years shows the excitement of small children before flying, and then revealing the grown up version of the girl to actually be on the flight.

The commercial’s quality has a slightly aged feel to it, which if done intentionally, adds to the purpose of invoking memories of the viewer when they were a child flying for the first time. One message I feel is lost in translation, however, is the tag line “Let’s make flying fun again” – I don’t really see how flying with budget airline Monarch would be fun for an adult.

As far as I can tell, the aim of the advert is to summon feelings of nostalgia for the adult viewer. This is aided by the light and airy song ‘Tonight You Belong To Me’ by Patience and Prudence. But what is the next step? People grow up, it happens. Presumably the advert’s creators want a parent to see this and decide that it is time for their child to experience the ‘fun’ of flying and book a holiday to Italy for the summer.

This brings me back to my original issue, why choose Monarch? At the moment, they don’t have a particularly good reputation for anything. A simple google of ‘reviews of Monarch airline’ and you’d be lucky to find a review with more than three stars. The advert does absolutely nothing to rectify this; in fact it leaves a lingering thought that perhaps the advert hasn’t changed much in the last 30 years since I was a child.

Monarch is definitely seeking a marketing campaign push in 2013, as the airline has also purchased the sponsorship rights to football club Leeds United’s North Stand. The deal allows Monarch to plaster their branding both internally towards the pitch, but also externally over the M621 motorway.

Overall, this is a lacklustre advert that whilst has the potential to be talked about for a long time (everyone loves a bit of nostalgia), doesn’t quite pull off its intention. There is a distinct lack of differentiating information about an airline that is overshadowed by its huge rivals EasyJet and Ryanair and that will be the campaign’s downfall.

Monarch Airlines new advert "Let's make flying fun again"

Monarch Airlines: “Let’s make flying fun again”

Advert Rating: 5/10

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