Review: Dacia “Hello. We’re Dacia” Market Penetration Campaign

Verdict? Budget ad for a budget brand

Inexpensive Romanian car manufacturer Dacia looks to penetrate the UK market with a simplistic and cheap new advert. The subsidiary of Renault’s approach to advertising strongly reflects their products. Dacia’s unique selling point will be that their prices undercut their rivals by thousands of pounds.

A formidable concept and a look at their prices shows an impressive array of discounts. Whilst the company currently has a limited range of products; a hatchback, SUV and 4×4, there is obvious room for product development once Dacia has consolidated its position in a very competitive market.

As for the advert, there are cheap adverts and there are cheap adverts. This is the latter… and the former… combined. I could have made this advert with a bloke I met in the pub. One to hold the camera while the other drives. Obviously, the advert is trying to show that it is a budget brand and chooses function over luxury, but when the narrator decides to “add a touch of frivolity”, there are just the same three locations shown in a mashed-up manner; a bridge, a desert and a forest – not exactly frivolous.

And that’s something else that bugs me – the use of the word “frivolity”. What a bizarre choice of words. If a company is trying to sell at the lowest price, presumably the target market encompasses consumers with the lowest budget. This may be a slightly controversial point, but those with the lowest amount of capital also have the lowest level of education. A complex word such as frivolity would surely make the commercial’s message less clear.

As it happens, I was just publishing this post, the advert in questions came onto the television. I casually asked my friend what he thought of it, and he thought it was a Dodge advert – and had already seen it about five times. That is clearly not a good endorsement for the commercial.

Overall, I wish Dacia the best, the budget car position is a definite gap in the market, but many companies have tried and failed before. Skoda used to be thought of as the cheap option, but due to poor sales they worked very hard to reposition themselves. Dacia also is wary that it will not be alone in the battle of Britain’s cheapest car. Competitors from Russia, China and India are also circling the UK like vultures, ready to enter the market with low-cost vehicles.


Review: Dacia “Hello. We’re Dacia” Market Penetration Campaign

Review: Dacia “Hello. We’re Dacia” Market Penetration Campaign

Advert Rating: 4/10

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